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Transcriptions & Arrangements

In addition to being a professional performer and composer, I receive a very many requests for music to be transcribed. Often is the case that clients wish to play a piece of music or a song where sheet music is not available to purchase, or never actually been written. Not only do I transcribe music to musical scores and tablature, much of my work is in the arrangement or re-arrangement for various music ensembles

Many musicians don't read or write music, playing purely from their head or their heart. One doesn't need to be a reader or writer of sheet music to be a songwriter or composer, and in most cases, having the music on paper serves no great benefit. On the other flip-side, many incredible musical works, be it a classical composition, a rock song or a solo instrumental work have never been written down, though inspire up-and-coming musicians to perform, and that is where I come in.
Whether you're looking to have your own music transcribed into sheet music, or have listened to a song you'd love to play and can't get hold of the music, I will listen to the supplied track, work out each and every note, and transcribe this onto a digital musical score for you.

This could be a solo piano piece, a chart hit, a folk song or your very own musical work. I can provide full sheet music, just words and chords, full PVG music (Piano, Vocals, Guitar). You may wish to have a popular song to be written for a string quartet or jazz band.

Please take a look at the list of recent work to the right to get an idea of what I've done in the past.


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